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About Cottage Advisors

Cottage Advisors joins with local partners to develop and build unique open space, pocket neighborhood communities. Our development team creates carefully planned communities that meet the demands of modern lifestyles. Each home is designed to reflect the local and architectural charm the word “cottage” instills. At the heart of the Cottage Advisors planning process is the connection to community that is so often lacking in today’s conventional housing options.


Cottage Advisors places a priority on personal relationships and local ties. The company is a family business, with Howard Hall and his son, Howard “Chip” Hall, at the helm. Each Cottage Advisors’ community is built by a core Cottage Advisors construction team working with local tradespeople. This commitment to using local craftsmen provides employment in the communities—which reinforces the pride that subcontractors take in doing quality work in their own area—and is a cost-effective alternative to traveling construction teams.


Over the past decade Cottage Advisors has managed over $250 million dollars of development in the United States and Canada, delivering nearly 1,200 cottage-style homes.















Demographics for homeowners have changed over the last decade, with consumers looking to “right-size” as opposed to downsize. The trends that our founder Howard Hall embraced as a developer more than a decade ago have now been identified as megatrends. These trends include:


●   A shift to “Traditional Neighborhoods”

●   Higher Density / Cluster Development

●   Integration of Natural Features

●   Pedestrian Friendly, Walkability

●   Shared Community Space

●   Environmentally Sensitive

●   Lower Total Cost of Ownership


Our communities are designed to embody these trends while paying careful attention to site selection, land planning and cottage home design. From land acquisition, to permitting, to design and construction, we maintain complete control over our entire eco-friendly building process. Each Cottage Advisors’ community strives to take advantage of the existing contours of the land it is built upon, taking full advantage of open green space and natural features. We also cater to the consumer desire for more manageably-sized homes, designed efficiently for energy conservation with a lower impact on the environment. Our process starts with site selection, then land planning, landscape architecture, and finally home architecture.


Own Easy

When it comes time for a client to “right-size,” our educated sales team help them select a location and ideal cottage style; our in-house designers assist owners in the selection and customization process. Our cottage-style homes are built to have a low energy cost and we are an Energy 5 Star builder.  In addition, we utilize low maintenance products, making them truly “own-easy” homes. Our communities are managed through a Home Owners Association (HOA) or a condo corporation, which provide landscape and snow removal services. This allow our clients to enjoy their surroundings, rather than be bound to maintaining them.


Cottage Advisors homes come with a built-in neighborhood, complete with outdoor gathering areas, welcoming front porches, cottages nestled together, and large tracts of open space. We don’t just build houses. We build communities, one cottage at a time.

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